The MAPs team are thrilled to have been invited to teach at the
Lake Macquarie
1st Australian Maps Conference 2002

Collene Kalb, and the NewLake Quills,
in beautiful Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia,
from 7 July 2002, will be conducting the following workshops:
We would like to thank the sponsors who have given their generous support

Sunday 7 July Marbling Karen, Di and Cecilia
Monday 8 July Pointed Brush Alphabets Diane Ting
9/10 July
The Light Fantastics
(The dance of the pen; light as in delicate/illuminated, fantastic to behold)
Karen Ter Haar
Thursday 11 July

Stitched Bindings
Coptic bound book 'Random Fragments of a Life' of folded envelopes, each containing a book with different stitching and personalised text

Cecilia Sharpley
Friday 12 July The Lambadaics (Lam'bard'iks) exotic, hypnotic,alphabetic and it's fun! Diane Ting
Saturday 13 July

Akim Cursive Personalized
This delightful script is suitable for everything from a contemporary handrwriting to the most refined lettered artwork

Cecilia Sharpley
Sunday 14 July Marbling Karen, Cecilia and Di
Monday 15 July Akim Cursive Personalized Cecilia Sharpley
Tuesday 16 July The Lambadaics Diane Ting
Wednesday 17 July Pointed Pen on Marbled Backgrounds Karen Ter Haar

All envelopes are to be addressed :
Collene Kalb
Conference Director
1st Australian MAPs Conference 2002
27 Harrison Street
Warners Bay
Lake Macquarie NSW
Australia 2282

These will be judged by Karen Ter Haar, Cecilia Sharpley, and Di Ting,

The Prizes:

1st Prize will be one Goodie Bag,
(which will be the only way that you can obtain one of these without attending)
In which will be one 'Original Treasures works of ART', done by various Cyberscribes.
A little Miniature work of Art by Karen Ter Haar, Papers, Antique Nibs, Handmade paper,
and heaps of other stuff too numerous to mention. (it is still being collected and sent).
So it will be something worth winning, a one off Bag, never to be repeated,
the bag alone will be a collectors item, with the logo etc on the front.
Also a gorgeous Calligraphic print sent by Anne Binder, done by Jocelyn Curry.

2nd Prize will be a 'Original Treasures works of ART', done by various cyberscribes,
plus a different Calligraphic Print sent by Anne Binder, but done by Jocelyn Curry.

A 3rd and Highly Commended Prizes will be awarded if entries overwhelm us in quantity
and magnificence. So come on everyone, start being creative.
Virtually anything goes, no theme is being set, let your imagination run wild, any size envelope.
The only rule really is that they must arrive, on or before 11th June, 2002.
Oh, and I should remind everyone that MAPS, stands for MARKS AND PAPERs,
so add on's are also going to be acceptable,
just remember that they have to travel through the Mail system..

Since this post, we have a Denis Brown CD, which has been donated and signed by Denis,
so ALL ENTRIES into the Mail Art competition go into a draw to win this wonderful CD valued at $50.00. You can see examples, and read a review of this CD on Denis' web site

Stop the press, I am currently having talks with a Gallery to display these envelopes after the Conference, and possibly it may travel, so come on everyone.. lets make it a huge display, also make the Judges work hard, and put smiles on the faces, of everyone that views them. Who knows we might even get Australia Post interested in them, the more entries the better.
This is definite, now the Gallery is tickled pink to be able to have these envelopes after the Conference.

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