The following links are a few of those that we've found to be interesting and informative

Amphibian Research Centre
Not exactly building related, but how could anyone contemplate building, without considering the frog inhabitants around the place?
Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP)
A wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in Australian plants and gardens
Australian Choice Timber Supplies
A large selection of flooring timber - sample sections laid on the showroom floor
Australian Plants Society (SGAP Victoria) Inc
The Victorian Society for growing Australian Plants

Bowerbird Tree Salvage
All the beautiful cypress macrocarpa posts, beams and rafters came from Tim Kennedy's Bowerbird

Build Your Own House - Murray Johnson
A website for owner builders and do it yourselfers
Build Your Own House - Forum
Duckpond Press - Cecilia's Handmade Books (including Wildlife at the Duckpond)
Earth Building Association of Australia
Build of earth for the earth - Ancient yet still relevant

Earth Building Association of Australia - Forum
Forum for discussion of earth building in Australia

Earth Building Research Forum
Database of earth building projects, information on forthcoming conferences, links to other earth building sites and to include more general articles on the subject

Mostly Organic Gardening
Although this is an USA website, I think you'll find the information very useful
Nillumbik Mudbrick Building Association
Promoting and protecting the mudbrick building industry
Radial Timber
Radially sawn timber was purchased from this company for our garage/shed.
Rain Barrel Guide
How to use rain barrels for water collection
Urban Salvage
Recyled boards for flooring or walls
Veronica Holland
Beautifully whimsical paintings and prints with themes of music and life

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