March 2010
Family Planting Days - One

It gives me great joy to walk around my garden, remembering who gave me this plant,
who planted that one, or the miracle of something growing from one of my cuttings.
So, with the imminent departure of my son Adam and his family to New Zealand for several years
I was keen to have each member of my family plant a tree for me to tend on their behalf,
and especially for the children, to see how wonderful it is to watch the progress of your own efforts.

My eldest granddaughter Joni Bea enthusiastically dug her hole and
carefully planted the first of three syzygium 'Christmas Bush'

Daughter in law Justine planted the second syzygium (lilly pilly)

Joni Bea's little sister Erin isn't quite walking so she had some help to do her plant,
but I wanted a photo for her to be able to measure herself against when she next visits.
She was more interested in the 'soil condition' than the actual plant!

After giving all the plants a good drink (via watering can), and checking
the colours of the rocks when wet, it was time to try out the rocks
to test their 'sitting and climbing' qualities.

Tomorrow Justine and the two girls head for New Zealand and.................

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